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Immersive Viewers

Easily Enter Immersive Worlds

When I first started making Immersive Sports Worlds not all Cyclone fans could afford the equipment needed to join. So, I worked with my friends to find a way for anyone to get in on the action. We started making Immersive Viewers that worked with all smartphones. Now, I can offer these Viewers for free so that any Cyclone fan can enter my Immersive Sports Worlds!


Easy To Use QR Codes

QuickPass Codes

VR goggles are hard to use. This prevented lots of people from enjoying our Immersive Sports Worlds. So, we created QuickPass Codes that allow anyone to enter our Immersive Sports Worlds in 30 seconds or less. No matter how techie they are.

Works With All Smartphones

All-Catch Setup

Some fan's phones didn't work with our Viewers. They felt left out. So, we made the All-Catch Setup. It uses Velcro and has open sides so that it fits any phone. Our Viewers now work with all phones that can flip thier screens (A.k.a. Auto-Rotate).

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All Rights Reserved © 2023.
1805 Collaboration Place, Suite 1300
Ames, Iowa 50010